Swiss Mobility, an exchange program supported by all Swiss universities, allows you to study at another Swiss university for one or two semesters without much administrative effort.

You remain enrolled at the University of Basel and continue to pay semester fees here. No tuition fees are due at the host university. The time-consuming procedures of de-registration and enrollment are not required. In principle, a mobility stay is only possible from the third semester onwards. In any case, you should clarify the credit transfer in advance with the Dean of Studies' Office. The Mobility Office at the University of Basel is responsible for the smooth running of the program and for providing general information to students.


Our advice: You only want to take a single course at another Swiss university?

This is possible at most Swiss universities. Please contact our colleagues in the student secretariats / registries there or the Dean of Studies' Offices directly. Please note that some Swiss universities have significantly earlier registration deadlines for taking courses than the University of Basel. In our experience, it is advisable to inquire as of April for enrollments in the following fall semester.For the spring semester, we recommend contacting/inquiring at the end of September.


University Programs

Please contact the Student Exchange Office at the University of Basel for further information.

Subject-specific exchange programs

Please contact Sandra Viehmeier of the Dean of Studies' Office for further information.


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