Economic Lunch in Past Semesters

September 20, 202312:15S15 and ZoomDilek SevimMental Health Effects of Retirement on Couples  During the Covid-19  Pandemic13:10 
September 27, 202312:15S15 and ZoomAvralt-Od PurevjavMarket Access, Firm-level Outcomes and Misallocation of Capital in India13:10 
October 4, 202312:15S15 and ZoomCANCELLED 13:10 
October 11, 202312:15S15 and ZoomRebekka BärenboldInvestigating Fund Adequacy and Financial Liability in Nuclear
Decommissioning- A Swiss Case Study

October 18, 2023
(Joint with Research Seminar)

12:15 - 13:30S15 and ZoomProf. Gabriel Kreindler,
Harvard University
October 25, 202312:15S15 and ZoomLaura FelberNowcasting Economic Activity Using
Transaction Payments Data
November 1, 202312:15S15 and ZoomMarina Andrea MisevNews that Moves Markets: The Impact of Climate Change
News on Green Asset Demand
November 8, 202312:15S15 and ZoomJohannes LehmannSelf-Managed Working Time and Overtime Compensation13:10 
November 15, 202312:15S15 and Zoom

Laura Christine Schwab and Jakob Roth

Mobility Pricing to Promote E-biking and Reduce Transportation
Externalities: Insights from a GPS-Tracked Experiment
November 22, 202312:15S15 and ZoomKaspar BurghartzDecomposing Short-Term Interest Rate
Expectations over the FOMC Cycle
November 29, 202312:15S15 and ZoomAmélie-Sophie BankPreliminary: Maternal Job Preferences (in the Context of Neighborhood) Insights from a Discrete Choice Experiment13:10 
December 6, 202312:15S15 and ZoomNico Pascal SütterleEffects of an audit split on consulting and audit quality13:10 
December 13, 202312:15S15 and ZoomSantiago Ernesto Alvarez-BlaserInflation and price dispersion: new cross-sectional and international evidence13:10 
February 22, 202312:15S14 and Zoom  13:10 
March 1, 202312:15 Basler Fasnacht
No Seminar
March 8, 202312:15S14  13:10 
March 15, 202312:15S14 and ZoomVéra Zabrodina"Discussion of the results of the PhD survey (group III only)"13:10 
March 22, 202312:15S14 and Zoom  13:10 
March 29, 2023
(joint with Research Seminar)
12:15S14 and ZoomProf. Vesa Pursiainen,
Universität St. Gallen
"Retail Customer Reactions to Private Equity Acquisitions"13:10 
April 5, 202312:15S14 and Zoom  13:10 
April 12, 202312:15S14 and ZoomAugustin Ignatov"European Highway Networks, Transportation Costs and Regional Income"13:10 
April 19, 202312:15S14 and Zoom  13:10 
April 26, 202312:15S14 and ZoomAndrea Ghisletta“Self-Interest, Voter Behavior and Political Attitudes: Evidence from a Swiss Pension Reform”13:10 
May 3, 202312:15S14 and ZoomAndrea Blum"Unveiling Bank Run Behavior: The Impact of Deposit Insurance Knowledge and Credibility on Withdrawals - Evidence from Swiss Survey Data"13:10 
May 10, 202312:15S14 and ZoomPatrick Arnold"Common Ownership and Quality Competition"13:10 
May 17, 2023
(joint with Research Seminar)
12:30 - 13:45S15 and ZoomProf. Gene M. Grossmann, Princeton University"Supply Chain Resilience: Should Policy Promote International Diversification or Reshoring?"  
May 24, 202312:15S14 and ZoomChristian Nolde“Green technology adaptation: State-owned enterprises versus second-best taxation”13:10 
May 31, 202312:15S14 and ZoomMuhammad Maladoh Bah

"Early nuclear power plant phase-out and nuclear decommissioning funds in the U.S."

September 21, 202212:15S15 and Zoom  13:00 
September 28, 202212:15S15 and ZoomFarshid Balaneji"News and Implied Volatility Forecasting, Beyond the Sentiment Analysis"13:00 
October 5, 202212:15S15 and ZoomDenis Bieri"The Impact of the Introduction of Bitcoin Futures and their Role in Price Discovery"13:00 
October 12, 202212:15S15 and Zoom  13:00 
October 19, 202212:15S6 / S7
(HG, on the side of the Faculty of Law)
and Zoom
Caner Ates"Liquidity Savings Auctions"13:00 
October 26, 202212:15S15 and Zoom  13:00 
November 2, 202212:30 - 14:00S15 and Zoom

Silke Bellanger (Head of Digital Services, University Library) and
Iris Lindenmann (Team Open Science, University Library)

Introduction to Research Data Management (Team UB)  
November 9, 202212:15S15 and Zoom  13:00 
November 16, 202212:15S15 and ZoomPhilipp Stähli

"Path-Dependent Risk Measures in Portfolio Optimization"

November 23, 202212:15S15 and ZoomFarshid Balaneji"Classifying Stock Excess Returns Using the Sentiment Analysis of Financial News."13:00 
November 30, 2022
(joint with the research seminar)
12:15 - 13:30S15 and ZoomProf. Carlos Alós-Ferrer, Universität Zürich

"Learning Preferences from Response Times"

December 7, 202212:15S15 and ZoomConstantin Kempf“Construction costs and initial yield effects of MINERGIE certification and sustainable construction measures in new multi-family houses in Switzerland”13:00 

December 14, 2022
(joint with the research seminar)

12:30 - 13:45S15 and Zoom

Prof. Dr. Kaspar Wüthrich, UC San Diego

"Selection and parallel trends"  
December 21, 202212:15S15 and ZoomUlrike Unterhofer and Véra Zabrodina“Hours Mismatch and Income Tax Incentives for Low-Earning Workers”13:00 
February 23, 202212:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
March 2, 202212:15ZoomSebastian Schäfers"Product Lotteries and Loss Aversion" (preliminary paper distributed by email)13:10 
March 9, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomNo Seminar! Basler Fasnacht 13:10 
March 16, 202212:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
March 23, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomGregor Lenhard"State-Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (S-ANFIS): A Generalized Regime-Switching Model for Financial Modeling"13:10 
March 30, 202212:15S 15 and Zoom 


April 6, 2022
(joint with the Research Seminar)
 S 15 and Zoom12:15Prof. Dr. Nicola Pavoni
"Economic Shocks and Populism: The Political Implications of Reference-Dependent Preferences"
13:10Prof. Dr. Nicolas Ziebarth
"Fundamentally Reforming the Public DI System: Evidence from German Notch Cohorts"
April 13, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomRemo Nyffenegger"Central Bank Digital Currency with Heterogeneous Bank Deposits"13:10 
April 20, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomJulia Starzetz"Employee Absenteeism in the Digital Age"13:10 
April 27, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomFelix Rochlitz"Foreign-Domestic Wage Gaps within Firms"13:10 
May 4, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomElisa Rottner"Do manufacturing plants respond to exogenous changes in electricity prices? Evidence from administrative micro-data"13:10Prof. Dr. Beat Hintermann: "Cost pass-through in German manufacturing"
May 11, 202212:30 - 13:45S 13 and Zoom

joint with the Research Seminar:

Prof. M. Scott Taylor, University of Calgary

"Trade, Competitive Exclusion, and the Slow motion extinction of the Southern Resident Killer Whales."

May 18, 202212:15ZoomBrian Mattmann"Customer Liquidity Provision in Corporate Bond Markets: Electronic Trading versus Dealer Intermediation"13:10S 13 and Zoom
Jan Bauer: "Sparse principal loading analysis"
May 25, 202212:15S 13 and ZoomLéo Picard"Neural metaphor detection from political speeches"13:10 
June 1, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomLukas Hitz"Intraday option implied risk neutral densities and FOMC announcements"13:10 
DATETIMEPLACE PRESENTERTOPICTIMEEconomics Lunch "plus" Presenter and Topic
September 22, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
September 29, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomDr. Daniele Ballinari"Retail investors' trading activity and the predictability of stock return correlations"13:10 
October 6, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
October 13, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
October 20, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomJoëlle Velvart"Social norms, identity and the green electricity mix"13:10 
October 27, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomKevin Huynh"Model Averaging of Count Data Regressions"13:10 
November 3, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
November 10, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
November 17, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom 


November 24, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
December 1, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomVéra Zabrodina"Unemployment Insurance in the Presence of Heterogeneity"13:10Prof. Conny Wunsch: "Exogenous Wage Cuts and Family Labour Supply" (joint work with Dragan Filimonovic)
December 8, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomAugustin Ignatov"Highways and Convergence - New Economic Geography Empirics"13:10 
December 15, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomDr. Lorenz Hartmann"An Axiomatization of Alpha-Maxmin Expected Utility Preferences"13:10