Past semesters

The Economics Lunch provides an excellent opportunity for doctoral students of the WWZ and for young researchers from other institutions to present their own research (ideas and possible results) and advance it productively through discussions with other doctoral students and professors.

September 21, 202212:15S15 and Zoom  13:00 
September 28, 202212:15S15 and ZoomFarshid Balaneji"News and Implied Volatility Forecasting, Beyond the Sentiment Analysis"13:00 
October 5, 202212:15S15 and ZoomDenis Bieri"The Impact of the Introduction of Bitcoin Futures and their Role in Price Discovery"13:00 
October 12, 202212:15S15 and Zoom  13:00 
October 19, 202212:15S6 / S7
(HG, on the side of the Faculty of Law)
and Zoom
Caner Ates"Liquidity Savings Auctions"13:00 
October 26, 202212:15S15 and Zoom  13:00 
November 2, 202212:30 - 14:00S15 and Zoom

Silke Bellanger (Head of Digital Services, University Library) and
Iris Lindenmann (Team Open Science, University Library)

Introduction to Research Data Management (Team UB)  
November 9, 202212:15S15 and Zoom  13:00 
November 16, 202212:15S15 and ZoomPhilipp Stähli

"Path-Dependent Risk Measures in Portfolio Optimization"

November 23, 202212:15S15 and ZoomFarshid Balaneji"Classifying Stock Excess Returns Using the Sentiment Analysis of Financial News."13:00 
November 30, 2022
(joint with the research seminar)
12:15 - 13:30S15 and ZoomProf. Carlos Alós-Ferrer, Universität Zürich

"Learning Preferences from Response Times"

December 7, 202212:15S15 and ZoomConstantin Kempf“Construction costs and initial yield effects of MINERGIE certification and sustainable construction measures in new multi-family houses in Switzerland”13:00 

December 14, 2022
(joint with the research seminar)

12:30 - 13:45S15 and Zoom

Prof. Dr. Kaspar Wüthrich, UC San Diego

"Selection and parallel trends"  
December 21, 202212:15S15 and ZoomUlrike Unterhofer and Véra Zabrodina“Hours Mismatch and Income Tax Incentives for Low-Earning Workers”13:00 
February 23, 202212:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
March 2, 202212:15ZoomSebastian Schäfers"Product Lotteries and Loss Aversion" (preliminary paper distributed by email)13:10 
March 9, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomNo Seminar! Basler Fasnacht 13:10 
March 16, 202212:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
March 23, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomGregor Lenhard"State-Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (S-ANFIS): A Generalized Regime-Switching Model for Financial Modeling"13:10 
March 30, 202212:15S 15 and Zoom 


April 6, 2022
(joint with the Research Seminar)
 S 15 and Zoom12:15Prof. Dr. Nicola Pavoni
"Economic Shocks and Populism: The Political Implications of Reference-Dependent Preferences"
13:10Prof. Dr. Nicolas Ziebarth
"Fundamentally Reforming the Public DI System: Evidence from German Notch Cohorts"
April 13, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomRemo Nyffenegger"Central Bank Digital Currency with Heterogeneous Bank Deposits"13:10 
April 20, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomJulia Starzetz"Employee Absenteeism in the Digital Age"13:10 
April 27, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomFelix Rochlitz"Foreign-Domestic Wage Gaps within Firms"13:10 
May 4, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomElisa Rottner"Do manufacturing plants respond to exogenous changes in electricity prices? Evidence from administrative micro-data"13:10Prof. Dr. Beat Hintermann: "Cost pass-through in German manufacturing"
May 11, 202212:30 - 13:45S 13 and Zoom

joint with the Research Seminar:

Prof. M. Scott Taylor, University of Calgary

"Trade, Competitive Exclusion, and the Slow motion extinction of the Southern Resident Killer Whales."

May 18, 202212:15ZoomBrian Mattmann"Customer Liquidity Provision in Corporate Bond Markets: Electronic Trading versus Dealer Intermediation"13:10S 13 and Zoom
Jan Bauer: "Sparse principal loading analysis"
May 25, 202212:15S 13 and ZoomLéo Picard"Neural metaphor detection from political speeches"13:10 
June 1, 202212:15S 15 and ZoomLukas Hitz"Intraday option implied risk neutral densities and FOMC announcements"13:10 
DATETIMEPLACE PRESENTERTOPICTIMEEconomics Lunch "plus" Presenter and Topic
September 22, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
September 29, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomDr. Daniele Ballinari"Retail investors' trading activity and the predictability of stock return correlations"13:10 
October 6, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
October 13, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
October 20, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomJoëlle Velvart"Social norms, identity and the green electricity mix"13:10 
October 27, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomKevin Huynh"Model Averaging of Count Data Regressions"13:10 
November 3, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
November 10, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
November 17, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom 


November 24, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
December 1, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomVéra Zabrodina"Unemployment Insurance in the Presence of Heterogeneity"13:10Prof. Conny Wunsch: "Exogenous Wage Cuts and Family Labour Supply" (joint work with Dragan Filimonovic)
December 8, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomAugustin Ignatov"Highways and Convergence - New Economic Geography Empirics"13:10 
December 15, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomDr. Lorenz Hartmann"An Axiomatization of Alpha-Maxmin Expected Utility Preferences"13:10 
Economics Lunch
Economics Lunch "plus"
March 3, 202112:15ZoomCyrill Bühler"Capital Returns after a Terms of Trade Shock"13:10  
March 10, 202112:15ZoomSeverin Zimmermann"The Consequences of Hosting Asylum Seekers for Citizens' Policy Preferences"13:10  
March 17, 202112:15ZoomAlice Hengevoss"The Effect of Comprehensive INGO Accountability on Program Effectiveness: Towards a Discursive Logic"13:10Prof. Dr. Georg von Schnurbein"Effects of COVID-19 volunteering on the willingness to volunteer long-term"
March 24, 202112:15ZoomNo seminar 13:10  
March 31, 202112:15ZoomNo seminar 13:10  
April 7, 202112:15ZoomNo seminar 13:10  
April 14, 202112:15ZoomFintan Oeri"How Economic Resources, Lobbying Capacity and Group Type shape Lobbying Influence" (preliminary paper on demand)13:10  
April 21, 202112:15ZoomMichael Huynh"Swiss pension funds and the determinants of free cash flow"13:10  
April 28, 202112:15Zoom  13:10  
May 5, 202112:15ZoomAndrea Ghisletta"The impact of vocational training interventions on youth labor market outcomes: a meta-analysis"13:10  
May 12, 202112:15ZoomDr. Kumar Rishabh"Fintech Lending and Sales Manipulation"13:10  
May 19, 202112:15ZoomThomas Gerber"Examining the Spread of Trade Theories in 19th Century British Parliament" 13:10  
May 26, 202112:15ZoomNicholas Arnold"NPO Approaches Towards Companies and Effects on Households' Willingness to Buy and Donate"13:10  
June 2, 202112:15ZoomRaja Daouahpostponed13:10