Economics Lunch

The Economics Lunch provides an excellent opportunity for doctoral students and Postdocs at the Faculty of Business and Economics to present their research and advance it productively through discussions with fellow students and professors. All Ph.D. students at the Faculty of Business and Economics must present in the Economics Lunch at least once before finishing their doctorate. Depending on availability, the Economics Lunch is also open for professors, and for doctoral students from other institutions.

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For virtual seminars, Zoom-Link provided with the invitation to the seminar. Non-members of the faculty please contact:

Autumn Term 2021

DATETIMEPLACE PRESENTERTOPICTIMEEconomics Lunch "plus" Presenter and Topic
September 22, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
September 29, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomDr. Daniele Ballinari"Retail investors' trading activity and the predictability of stock return correlations"13:10 
October 6, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
October 13, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
October 20, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomJoëlle Velvart"Social norms, identity and the green electricity mix"13:10 
October 27, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomKevin Huynh"Model Averaging of Count Data Regressions"13:10 
November 3, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomRaja Daouah"Opportunism and financial decision making: evidence from a survey of firms in Morocco"13:10 
November 10, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomAnne Baumgartner«Environmental benefits of work time reduction»13:10 
November 17, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
November 24, 202112:15S 15 and Zoom  13:10 
December 1, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomVéra Zabrodina"Unemployment Insurance in the Presence of Heterogeneity"13:10Prof. Conny Wunsch: "Minimum Wage in Basel"
December 8, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomAugustin Ignatov"Highways and divergence - new economic geography empirics"13:10 
December 15, 202112:15S 15 and ZoomDr. Lorenz Hartmann"An Axiomatization of Alpha-Maxmin Expected Utility Preferences"13:10