Economics Lunch

The Economics Lunch provides an excellent opportunity for doctoral students and Postdocs at the Faculty of Business and Economics to present their research and advance it productively through discussions with fellow students and professors. All Ph.D. students at the Faculty of Business and Economics must present in the Economics Lunch at least once before finishing their doctorate. Depending on availability, the Economics Lunch is also open for professors, and for doctoral students from other institutions.

Click here for detailed information on the Economics Lunch for presenters. In order to register for a slot, please send an email to 

Without notice to the contrary, the Economics Lunch will take place in hybrid format with the speaker present. The Zoom-Link will be provided with the invitation to the seminar. Non-members of the faculty please contact:


Autumn Term 2023

September 20, 202312:15S15 and ZoomDilek SevimMental Health Effects of Retirement on Couples  During the Covid-19  Pandemic13:10 
September 27, 202312:15S15 and ZoomAvralt-Od PurevjavMarket Access, Firm-level Outcomes and Misallocation of Capital in India13:10 
October 4, 202312:15S15 and ZoomCANCELLED 13:10 
October 11, 202312:15S15 and ZoomRebekka BärenboldInvestigating Fund Adequacy and Financial Liability in Nuclear
Decommissioning- A Swiss Case Study

October 18, 2023
(Joint with Research Seminar)

12:15 - 13:30S15 and ZoomProf. Gabriel Kreindler,
Harvard University
October 25, 202312:15S15 and ZoomLaura FelberNowcasting Economic Activity Using
Transaction Payments Data
November 1, 202312:15S15 and ZoomMarina Andrea MisevNews that Moves Markets: The Impact of Climate Change
News on Green Asset Demand
November 8, 202312:15S15 and ZoomJohannes LehmannSelf-Managed Working Time and Overtime Compensation13:10 
November 15, 202312:15S15 and Zoom

Laura Christine Schwab and Jakob Roth

Mobility Pricing to Promote E-biking and Reduce Transportation
Externalities: Insights from a GPS-Tracked Experiment
November 22, 202312:15S15 and ZoomKaspar BurghartzDecomposing Short-Term Interest Rate
Expectations over the FOMC Cycle
November 29, 202312:15S15 and ZoomAmélie-Sophie BankPreliminary: Maternal Job Preferences (in the Context of Neighborhood) Insights from a Discrete Choice Experiment13:10 
December 6, 202312:15S15 and ZoomNico Pascal SütterleEffects of an audit split on consulting and audit quality13:10 
December 13, 202312:15S15 and ZoomSantiago Ernesto Alvarez-Blaser  13:10