We have a faculty staff of 30 professors and around 100 academic employees who are active in research and teaching.


University Lecturer

Adjunct Professors

Lecturer (Privatdozent)

  • Prof. em. Peter Kugler
    Research Unit Monetary HistoryLink
  • Prof. em. George Sheldon
    Labor Economics and Industrial Economics Research UnitLink
  • Prof. Gabriele Camera, Professor of Experimental Economics
    Chapman University Link
  • Prof. Günther Fink, Professor of Epidemiology and Household Economics
    University of Basel - Swiss TPHLink
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Margit Osterloh
  • Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Bruno S. Frey
  • Prof. M. Scott Taylor, Professor of Economics
    University of CalgaryLink

Visiting Professors Summer School in Law, Business and Economic PolicyLink

External PhD Candidates

Santiago AlvarezDoctoral Candidate Macroeconomicssantiago.alvarez@clutterunibas.ch

Robin Argueyrolles

PhD Candidate Chair of Environmental Economics and Department of Environmental Sciencesrobin.argueyrolles@clutterunibas.ch

Farshid Balaneji

Doctoral Candidate Computational Economics and Finance


Jan BauerPhD Student Econometrics and Statisticsjan.bauer@clutterunibas.ch
Anne BaumgartnerPhD Student Environmental Economicsanne.baumgartner@clutterunibas.ch
Felix BekemeierPhD student professorship DLT/Fintechfelix.bekemeier@clutterunibas.ch
Marie-Catherine BieriDoctoral Candidate Macroeconomicsmarie-catherine.bieri@clutterunibas.ch
Andre BrivibaPhD Student Political Economya.briviba@clutterunibas.ch
Yannik BücheDoctoral Candidate Financial Managementyannik.bueche@clutterunibas.ch
Yves CarpyDoctoral Candidate Financial Management


Miriam ChristDoctoral Candidate Professorship Human Resources and Organizationmiriam.christ@clutterunibas.ch
Laura FelberPhD Student Macroeconomicslaura.felber@clutterunibas.ch
Florian GrondePhD Student Professorship DLT/Fintechflorian.gronde@clutterunibas.ch
Misbah Hameed Visiting PhD Student Professorship Environmental Economicsmisbah.hameed@clutterunibas.ch
Istvàn HegedüsPhD student Professorship Human Resources and Organization


Binur Omer ImeriDoctoral Candidate Professorship Economic Theorybinuromer.imeri@clutterunibas.ch
Constantin KempfDoctoral Candidate Financial Management (Prof. Dr. Paolo Vanini)


Pascal KündigDoctoral Student Professorship Financial Managementpascal.kuendig@clutterunibas.ch
Mine MelzigDoctoral Candidate Financial Managementmine.melzig@clutterunibas.ch

Abdelradi Mohammed

PhD Student Professorship Environmental Economics and Department of Environmental Sciences


Camila Plaza de LaifaDoctoral Candidate Health Economicscamila.plaza@clutterunibas.ch
Elisa RottnerDoctoral Candidate Public Financeelisa.rottner@clutterunibas.ch
Dominik SchwarzkopfPhD Student Swiss TPH (Epidemiology and Public Health, Household Economics and Health Systems Research)dominik.schwarzkopf@clutterswisstph.ch
Philipp StähliPhD Student Computational Economics and Financephilipp.staehli@unibas.ch
Michael StiebePhD student Environmental Economicsmichael.stiebe@clutterunibas.ch
Carla Tavares MendesDoctoral Candidate Chair of Energy EconomicsCarla.Mendes@clutterunibas.ch
Danchen ZhaoDoctoral Candidate Chair of Financial Managementdanchen.zhao@clutterunibas.ch
Aït LahcenMohammedDr.Research Fellow (Economic Theory)m.aitlahcen@cluttergmail.com
BrändleThomasDr.Research Fellow (Political Economy)thomas.braendle@clutterunibas.ch
FaberMariusDr.Research Fellow (Economics and Applied Econometrics)marius.faber@clutterunibas.ch
FestelGunterProf. Dr. Dr.Research Fellow (Financial Management)gunter.festel@clutterunibas.ch
FreitagAndreasDr.Research Fellow (Macroeconomics)andreas.freitag@clutterunibas.ch
GötschiThomasDr.Research Fellow (Public Finance)thomas.goetschi@clutterunibas.ch
HansenKerstinDr.Research Fellow (Political Economy)kerstin.hansen@clutterunibas.ch
HoechleDanielProf. Dr.Research Fellow (Financial Market Theory)daniel.hoechle@clutterunibas.ch
HuberSamuelDr.Research Fellow (Economic Theory)samuel.huber@clutterunibas.ch
KrapfMatthiasDr.Research Fellow (Economics and Applied Econometrics)matthias.krapf@clutterunibas.ch
LaranJulianoPhDResearch Fellow (Marketing group)juliano.laran@clutterunibas.ch
LewrickUlfPhDResearch Fellow (Foreign Trade and European Integration)ulf.lewrick@clutterbis.org
MadisonFlorianDr.Research Fellow (Economic Theory)florian.madison@clutterunibas.ch
MeierArmando N.Dr.Research Fellow (Political Economy)armando.meier@clutterunil.ch
OdermattRetoDr.Research Fellow (Political Economy)reto.odermatt@clutterunibas.ch
RothAnjaDr.Research Fellow (Economics and Applied Econometrics)anja.roth@clutterunibas.ch
SchreinerNicolasDr.Research Fellow (Political Economy)nicolas.schreiner@clutterunibas.ch
SchumannEnricoDr.Research Fellow (Computational Economics and Finance)es@clutterenricoschumann.net
SlotwinskiMichaelaDr.Research Fellow (Political Economy)michaela.slotwinski@clutterunibas.ch
ŽarkovicMajaDr.Research Fellow (Public Finance)maja.zarkovic@clutterunibas.ch
Prof. em. Dr. Manfred Bruhn

MAS Marketing and Business Development

Prof. em. Dr. George Sheldon

Prof. em. Dr. Peter Kuglerpeter.kugler@unibas.ch
Prof. em. Dr. Jürg H. Sommerjuerg-h.sommer-at-unibas.ch
Prof. em. Dr. Dres. h.c. Henner Schierenbeckhenner.schierenbeck-at-unibas.ch
Prof. em. Dr. rer. pol. Peter StolzP.O. Box 222, 4126 Bettingen
Tel. +41 (0)61 601 12 70
Homepage: www.prof-stolz.ch
Prof. em. Dr. rer. pol. Werner MüllerSonnmattstrasse 19, 4103 Bottmingen
Tel. +41 (0)61 421 72 39
Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h. c. Peter BernholzTalmattweg 17
4103 Bottmingen
Tel. +41 79 550 85 38

[Curriculum Vitae | Publications

Prof. em. Dr. rer. pol. Niklaus BlattnerStarenstrasse 52, 4059 Basel
Tel. +41 (0)61 361 77 49
Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. René L. FreyGellertstrasse 18, 4052 Basel
Tel. +41 (0)61 312 97 91
Homepage: www.crema-research.ch/rlf

Emeritus Titular Professors

Prof. em. Dr. Edgar Fluri
Prof. em. Dr. Helmut Reisen
Prof. em. Dr. Raymond Saner
Prof. em. Dr. Erwin Heri

Deceased Professors

Prof. em. Dr. Silvio Borner († 2020)
Prof. em. Dr. oec. Wilhelm Hill († 2017)

Prof. em. Dr. rer. pol. Alfred Bürgin († 2014)

Prof. em. Dr. Dr. Friedrich Rosenkranz († 2013)

Prof. em. Dr. sc. pol. Gottfried Bombach († 2010)

Prof. em. Dr. rer. pol. René Erbe († 2009)

Prof. em. Dr. oec. publ. Hans Guth †