The impact of digitalization on firms and employees

The digital transformation will more than ever shape the future of work. A fast and wide implementation of new digital technologies in work organizations and processes leads to various changes in the workplace. The work becomes more digital and flexible as new working models, such as teleworking and platform-based work, will gain in importance. In order to cope with upcoming changes, employers and employees need to build up strong networks and collaborations, and decide to what extent employee autonomy is granted and control measures are applied.

The objective of our research is to explore how whole organizations are affected and how the work of tomorrow will change. In particular, we focus on employee autonomy, monitoring, motivations, as well as pay for performance systems, and distinguish between managerial and non-managerial employees, as well as women and men.

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Research papers:

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Gerten, E. and L. Martin. 2019. ”Digitalization, workplace organization, and employee motivation: A mediation analysis”. Mimeo. Abstract downloaden

Book and online contributions:

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