Inspection of examinations

In the case of written examinations, you have a right to inspect the examination within the announced deadlines. Unless otherwise stated in the electronic grade notification, you should contact the responsible lecturer by e-mail immediately after the examination result has been announced. The lecturer will give you a date, which is usually within two weeks of the publication of the examination results.

However, lecturers can also set a generally binding inspection date, stating the location and the person responsible. This date will be announced with the electronic grade notification. If you are unable to attend this appointment, you must again contact the lecturer responsible or the person designated by him/her immediately after the announcement of the examination results. If a binding inspection date has been announced, an individual, alternative date will only be offered in exceptional cases (e.g. in the case of proven inability to attend the regular date).

If students do not report to the lecturer or the person designated for the inspection until two weeks or after the inspection date, they no longer have the right to inspect the examination.