Permitted Aids

The following instructions relate to examination procedure at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Basel

  • Examinations must be written using ballpoint or fountain pens. Red pens and pencils are not allowed.
  • Exception: Pencils are also allowed for filling out multiple-choice forms.
  • You may bring a ruler to the exam.
  • No pencil cases or other containers are allowed on your desks.
  • Writing paper will be provided during the examination (and on request), and all sheets must be handed in at the end of the exam.
  • Foreign-language dictionary without any notes or marks. Electronic dictionaries are not permitted.

The lecturers in charge of the course being examined may permit the use of further aids. Additional aids may only be used if the lecturer in charge has expressly permitted their use in writing on examination’s title page. All other personal items (course notes, bags, etc.) must be deposited near the invigilator’s desk against the walls of the examination room. All prohibited electronic devices must be switched off and deposited near invigilator’s desk against the walls of the examination room.


If simple pocket calculators are allowed in the examination, then only models of the type TI-30 may be used. The following models are permitted:

  • TI -30 S, TI-30 Galaxy
  • TI -30 III, TI-30 LCD
  • TI -30 ECO RS, TI-30 X B
  • TI -30 X II B, TI-30 X II S, TI-30 X S
  • TI -30 X A
  • TI -30 X Plus MultiView, TI-30 XS MultiView, TI-30 XB MultiView

This list is complete. Please note: Models with the addition “Pro” (i.e., TI-30X Pro MultiView) are not permitted! This also applies to all other makes of pocket calculator, irrespective of the rangeof functions they have.Pocket calculators may only be brought into the examination room without a cover.The lecturer, whose examination is being held, reserves the right to explicitly authorize the use of other aids or types of pocket calculator: this includes the use of IT.

The examination supervisors will check the pocket calculators which are being used. If there is any suspi-cion that a calculator is not authorized, a note will be made of the student’s name, along with the model of the calculator. If the subsequent clarification undertaken by the Dean of Studies Office reveals that the calculator in question is not one of the models listed above, its use will be considered an ‘examination offence’: the candidate’s performance will consequently be awarded the grade 1.0.

Unauthorized Items

  • Personal writing paper
  • All other electronic devices such as mobile phones, Smartwatches, all types of cameras or scanners, media players, communication- and storage devices, as well as recording and playback visual aids or hearing devices, and such like.
  • Every type of clock.
  • Equally, any other type of item which contains information relating to examination material. This includes notes, as well as any communication [exchange of information] inside or outside the examination room.

The supervisors will carry out the necessary checks. It is an examination offence to bring unauthorized aids into the examination room, and doing so entails disciplinary action (see § 11 of the Students’ Regulations); i.e., depending on the gravity of the examination offence, the examination candidate is liable to having marks deducted from his or her grades, to being awarded a mark of 1.0, or, in the case of a severe offence, to being excluded from studying at the Faculty.

Caution: Unauthorized Aids

It is an examination offence to bring unauthorized aids into the examination room, and doing so entails disciplinary action. In severe cases students may be excluded from studying at the Faculty.