Main research activities

  • Management Accounting in Supply Chains

  • In-house performance measurement and incentive schemes

  • Corporate strategies from an institutional and economical point of view. Theoretical and empirical studies

Selected publications

  • Böckem, Sabine, and Ulf Schiller. 2011. "Supplier Credits, Limited Liquidity, and Timely Demand Information." OR Spectrum: Volume 33, Issue 2, 393-418.
  • Böckem, Sabine, and Anja Tuschke. 2010. "A Tale of Two Theories - Foreign Direct Investment Decisions from the Perspectives of Economics and Institutional Theory." Schmalenbach´s Business Review 62, 259-289.
  • Böckem, Sabine, and Ulf Schiller. 2008. "Option Contracts in Supply Chains." Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 17, 219-245.
  • Böckem, Sabine.  2004. "Cartel Formation and Oligopoly Structure - A New Assessment of the Crude Oil Market." Applied Economics.
  • Böckem, Sabine. 1994. "A Generalized Model of Horizontal Product Differentiation." Journal of Industrial Economics 42, 287-298.


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Prof. Dr. Sabine Böckem
Office 3.55 Faculty of Business and Economics
Management Accounting
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Tel: +41 61 207 32 32

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