Medium-term Curricula

The medium-term curriculum is a compilation of all courses that are planned for the course of study at our faculty in the coming academic year. The titles of the individual courses are linked to the information in the electronic course directory. For courses that are not offered in the current semester, the information refers to the last time they were offered. The medium-term curriculum is updated twice a year.

Please note that not all documents are available in English. However, those relevant for the master's programs taught in English (Business and Technology, Economics and Public Policy, International and Monetary Economics, Finance and Money) were translated whenever possible.

Bachelor in Business and Economics (major subject)

Current regulation | available in German

Expiring regulation | available in German

Master in Business and Economics (consecutive program)

Current regulation | available in German

Specialized Master's Programs

Master in Business and Technology

Master in Economic and Public Policy

Master in Monetary and International Economics

Master in Finance and Money