Research in Microeconomic Theory

Our research is published in discussion papers and in refereed journals.

Please check the personal homepages of the members of the team for recent discussion papers.

The list of journal publications below includes publications by former members of the team written during their time at Basel.

Published Papers

Lily Ling Yang and Tsz-Ning Wong: Dynamic Expert Incentives in Teams,Games and Economic Behavior 125, 27-47 (2021).

Hao Hong and Tsz-Ning Wong: Authoritarian Election as an Incentive Scheme, Journal of Theoretical Politics 32(3), 460-493 (2020).

Stefan Terstiege and Cédric Wasser: Buyer-Optimal Extensionproof Information, Journal of Economic Theory 188, 105070 (2020).

Georg Nöldeke and Jorge Peña: Group size and collective action in a binary contribution game, Journal of Mathematical Economics 88, 42-51 (2020).

Stephan Lauermann, Georg Nöldeke and Thomas Tröger: The balance condition in search-and-matching models, Econometrica 88, 595-618 (2020).

Lorenz Hartmann: Savage's P3 Is Redundant, Econometrica, 88(1), 203-205 (2020).

Jorge Peña, Georg Nöldeke and Oscar Puebla: The evolution of egg trading in simultaneous hermaphrodites, The American Naturalist 195, 524-533 (2020).

Simon Loertscher and Cédric Wasser: Optimal structure and dissolution of partnerships, Theoretical Economics 14, 1063-1114 (2019).

Jorge Peña and Georg Nöldeke: Group size effects in social evolution, Journal of Theoretical Biology 457, 211-220 (2018).

Georg Nöldeke and Larry Samuelson: The implementation duality, Econometrica 86:4, 1283-1324 (2018).

Jörg Franke, Wolfgang Leininger, and Cédric Wasser: Optimal Favoritism in all-pay auctions and lottery contests, European Economic Review 104, 22-37 (2018).

Samuel Häfner: Stable biased sampling, Games and Economic Behavior 107, 109-122 (2018).

Jean-Michel Benkert, Igor Letina, and Georg Nöldeke: Optimal search from multiple distributions with infinite horizon, Economics Letters 164, 15-18 (2018).

Tsz-Ning Wong and Lily Ling Yang: When does monitoring hurt? Endogenous information acquisition in a game of persuasion, Economics Letters 163, 186–189 (2018).

Samuel Häfner: A tug-of-war team contest, Games and Economic Behavior 104, 372-391 (2017)

Samuel Häfner and Georg Nöldeke: Payoff shares in two-player contests, Games 7:3, 25 (2016).

Georg Nöldeke and Jorge Peña: The symmetric equilibria of symmetric voter participation games with complete information, Games and Economic Behavior 99, 71-81 (2016).

Jorge Peña and Georg Nöldeke: Variability in group size and the evolution of collective action, Journal of Theoretical Biology 389, 72-82 (2016).

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Stephan Lauermann and Georg Nöldeke: Stable marriages and search frictions, Journal of Economic Theory 151, 163-195 (2014).

Jorge Peña, Laurent Lehmann, and Georg Nöldeke: Gains from switching and evolutionary stability in multi-player matrix games, Journal of Theoretical Biology 346, 23-33 (2014).

Christian Seel and Cédric Wasser: On optimal head starts in all-pay auctions, Economics Letters 124, 211-214 (2014).

Cédric Wasser: Bilateral k+1 price auctions with asymmetric shares and values, Games and Economic Behavior 82, 350-368 (2013).

Cédric Wasser: A note on Bayesian Nash equilibria in imperfectly discriminating contests, Mathematical Social Sciences 66, 180-182 (2013).

Cédric Wasser: Incomplete information in rent-seeking contests, Economic Theory 53, 239-269 (2013). 

George Mailath and  Georg  Nöldeke: Does competitive pricing cause market breakdown under extreme adverse selection?, Journal of Economic Theory 140:1, 97-125 (2008).

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