Prof. Dr. Ulf Schiller

Main research activities

In his research, Prof. Dr. Schiller focusses on the role of accounting information in markets. To this end, analytical models are deployed. Particular emphasis is on the influence of specific properties of accounting standards (particular recognition or measurement rules) on market equilibria. The aim is to derive empirically testable descriptive results or normative results that can be used for improving accounting regulation.

Selected articles

  • "Audit market concentration and regulatory reforms" (with Hamza Mirza and Aurelio Perucca), working paper 2019

  • "Deposit contract design, bank runs, and accounting for illiquid bank assets" (with Sabine Böckem), working paper 2018

  • "Cost-based transfer pricing" (with Thomas Pfeiffer & Joachim Wagner) in: Review of Accounting Studies 2011

  • "Option contracts in supply chains" (with Sabine Böckem) in: Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 2008

  • "An economic perspective on transfer pricing" (with Robert Göx) in: Handbook of Management Accounting Research Vol 2 (ed by C. Chapman, A. Hopwood, and M. Shields), Elsevier, 2007

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Prof. Dr. Ulf Schiller
Office 3.57 Faculty of Business and Economics
Financial Accounting
Peter Merian-Weg 6 4002 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 07 71

Consultation hours: upon advance reservation only (via e-mail).