We offer courses in all classical fields of econometrics as well as seminars on specialized or emerging topics. Currently, the following courses are offered:


Vorkurs Mathematik
0KP | Dr. Zehrt

6KP | Dr. Zehrt | HS21

Mathematik 1
6KP | Dr. Zehrt | FS21

Mathematik 2 
6KP | Dr. Zehrt | HS21

Einführung in die Ökonometrie 
6KP | Prof. Kleiber | FS21



Advanced Mathematics for Economics
3KP | Dr. Zehrt | HS21

Univariate Time Series Analysis
3KP | Prof. Kleiber | HS21

Elements of Applied Probability
3KP | Prof. Kleiber | HS21

Topics in Statistics, Econometrics and Data Science
6KP | Prof. Kleiber | Seminar, up to and including HS21

Data Science
6KP | Prof. Kleiber et al. | Seminar, from HS22 onwards

Microeconometrics and Statistical Learning
3KP | Prof. Kleiber | FS21

At the beginning of every semester, a brief introduction to R is offered as part of the block course “Arbeiten mit wissenschaftlicher Software” (Engl: Working with scientific software).



Elements of Applied Probability
3KP | Prof. Kleiber | HS21

Topics in Advanced Mathematics
6KP | Dr. Zehrt, at present Prof. Mahmoud | FS21


References regarding seminars:


Master's thesis

Here are some guidelines for writing an M. Sc. thesis at the Chair of Econometrics and Statistics (Prof. C. Kleiber).

Your own suggestions are also welcome. Sometimes topics arise as a result of internships, possibly because of access to data. Please ask at an early stage whether topics are suitable for an M.Sc. thesis.



Some materials on working with R are available from OLAT, in a subfolder of the undergraduate course "Introduction to Econometrics".

Instruction for data pre-processing: Datenmanagement in R: Eine Einführung.

The accompanying data set “DataDJ”: DataDJ.rda, DataDJ.xls, DataDJ.csv, DataDJ.txt.