Repeat Examinations

A repeat examination is the second attempt at an examination that has not been passed.

The Faculty of Business and Economics does not generally provide for repeat examinations in the course of study. An exception is made for all courses whose performance review concludes with an exam. Lectures with an exam provide you with important basics that you must pass in order to take courses that build on them .

If you take an exam on the first attempt and fail, you have the opportunity to pass it by taking the repeat examination. If you do not appear at the repeat examination, this does not constitute an examination attempt and therefore does not entitle you to an additional attempt. If you fail these courses despite having enrolled for them twice, you will be excluded from the program.

All other courses conclude with a performance review for which no repeat examination is offered. If you fail such a performance review, you may have to take the course again in a later semester.

In the master's program , the following courses conclude with an exam:

Fall semester (as of fall 22)
62650 Behavioral Science
12036 Econometrics
62651 Theory of the Firm
62652Economics of Public Policy
59806 Analysis of Financial Statements for Decision Makers
41628 Monetary Policy
10645 Monetary Theory
10684 Univariate Time Series Analysis

If you take an exam on the first exam date and do not pass, you will have the opportunity to take the second exam date. The repeat examination will be offered during the lecture-free period following each semester. If you do not appear at the repeat examination, this does not constitute an examination attempt and therefore does not entitle you to an additional examination attempt. If you have passed the exam on the 1st exam date, you may not take the exam again.


In order not to prolong the three-semester Master's program unnecessarily, there is also the so-called 6-credit point rule. It applies if at the end of a semester you are missing a maximum of 6 credit points for the completion of the master's program and if the missing credit points are due to the failure of a maximum of one examination in this last semester .

Requests for application of the 6-credit ponts rule must be submitted in writing to the Dean of Studies' Office no later than January 31st in the fall semester and July 31st in the spring semester. If the requirements for taking a repeat examination under the 6-credit rule are met, it must be taken no later than the first two weeks of the following semester. The 6-credit repeat examination may be oral or written.