Award for Best Seminar Performance 2022

In the 2022 seminar the top 5 performances were extremely close together, as at the current Olympics. We decided to give the top three an award which were only a few hundredths of a grade apart. As Prof. Macher added, all three got the gold medal!

The award was given to Ms. Angelina Ilyukhina for her research paper on "Assessing Risks of Collusive Behavior when Firms use Blockchain", Mr. Andrey Shmelev for his research paper on "Do Cryptocurrencies Facilitate Tax Evasion? An Economic Analysis Based on the U.S. and Swiss Tax Regulation"and to Ms. Ann-Kathrin Störr for her research paper on"Applying a Floor Price for Flight Tickets – The Way to Fight Climate Change?". Congratulations!

On the top, from left to right: Andrey Shmelev (award winner), Prof. Rolf Weder (University of Basel) and Prof. Jeffrey Macher (Georgetown University)
On the bottom: Ms. Angelina Ilyukhina and Ms. Ann-Kathrin Störr (both award winner) on the occassion of the Award ceremony via Zoom on February 11, 2022.